Friday 02nd July

Insurance Issues…….

Over the past number of months, it has been widely reported that professional indemnity insurance cover for fire & cladding related services will be excluded from the Irish market. A process that has already started when professional indemnity renewal is required. It is fully understood by BCF Architects that no fire related service can now be offered including accepting third party advice as part of a design, once the main consultant is engaged to sign off as the project lead. Without this much needed insurance cover, fire safety certificates cannot be prepared, submitted for approval and form part of the final design of any structure. This includes on-site supervision and inspection of any fire related product, device and signage. This exclusion now extends to projects previously carried out in the past 7 years also.

A quick response is needed from Government and the Insurance Sector or else the housing crisis will deepen. On the back of a pandemic and post Brexit, this is far from ideal and urgent action is required.

(Charlie Weston-Supply of new homes to be hit by insurance issues for engineers, Irish Independent, 26th May)

(Eamon Quinn, Irish Examiner, 26th May 2021) &

(Michael Clifford, Construction sector faces major fire safety insurance problems, 28th April 2021)

Our past week……

It was another busy week, with new applications lodged to the Local Authority, site surveys and certification for house sales. With the good weather our on-site projects are beginning to pop up over ground level. Post Brexit and Covid has led to clients and contractors experiencing problems sourcing materials with some advising of increased costs.

Presently, BCF Architects are working on improving our website so our page is currently offline. It is anticipated that the website will be back online by Friday 16th July 2021.

A good friend has retired from the public sector after 40 years of service. Once he puts away the pencils we will have a chat to discuss how the business has changed for him……………

Our Charity:

It Meet Ellie Culleton from Mountmellick, our next €4.00 Text to Donate Branch Member for the next 4 weeks promoting our Laois “Field of Dreams” Employment Training Centre of Excellence. Please give generously to support Ellie and her peers to complete their life cycle through meaningful paid employment, leading to socialisation and integration into our communities that the rest of us take for granted. Please support this very worthy cause by donating €4.00 to make Ellie’s and her peers future brighter and better. All funds raised in Laois stays in Laois for the benefit of our members here in Laois. Please donate

If you would like to contact us, please do so by calling:

057 86 44601 or


BCF Architects blog pieces are for general information only. All photos and images are work carried out by BCF Architects, readily available to the public from the Local Authority/ Government websites. No information is to reproduced or relied upon.

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