Outlined below are the services offered by BCF Architects during the construction process for our clients. The list is a guide only and clients needs will be tailored to suit their project and their required service. As of April 2021, fire consultancy services can no longer be offered because Insurance Companies are no longer providing cover through Professional Indemnity.

Planning & Design

An initial client brief is agreed and developed into a sketch design. A pre-planning meeting will be arranged with the relevant Local Authority. This will include a survey of the property. With refurbishment or extending a property a drone survey is carried out.

After a pre-planning meeting, the agreed drawings will be submitted for planning purposes. Any further information/ clarification request will be prepared and submitted to the Local Authority.

Detail Design

Post planning a review of the conditions of planning is completed. Any condition that requires changes to the project are included as part of the detail design. This phase of the project engages the client to consider the materials and finishes that will be used on the completed project.

Tender Stage

When all documents and drawings are completed, the information is sent to a set of contractors. The contractors can be client led or from a list that BCF Architects would have file. Any tender queries are answered on behalf of the client. The tenders are checked and a report issued to the client. Once a contractor is accepted a contract is drawn up and signed by both parties.

Pre-site Works

Prior to any works starting on-site there are statutory documents that need to be completed such as a form of commencement, AF1 & AF2 Health & Safety forms. The form of commencement whether as an “Opt Out” or Assigned Certifier role, BCF Architects can provide these services.


Depending on the clients requirements, periodic inspections will be carried out. This will include liaising with contractors and updating drawings, documentation and minutes of the site inspection.

Post Construction

Depending on the agreed scope of works, provide the necessary documentation for the Building Control Amendment Regulations and Certificates of Compliance that maybe required by your Solicitor.

Project Supervisor Design Process

Any project that is over 500 man hours or 30 working days, the client needs to appoint a Project Supervisor Design Process. This is a separate service carried out under appointment from the client.

Land Transfer Mapping

Prepared using land registry compliant OSI maps. This is a separate service carried out under appointment from the client.


Prepare a Planning Application &/or a Section 57 Declaration for protected structures. Conditional survey and matching reports to help with tendering and refurbishment of the project.

Sustainability & Retrofit

Prepare a report to assess the current condition of a property to establish a strategy for the retrofitting of the building. A sustainable strategy will be considered primarily and reflective of the clients budget.

Disability Access Certificate

Prepare a report and matching drawings for an application to the Local Authority for a Disability Access Certificate. It is suggested that this work is considered prior to submission of a formal planning application.

Fire Safety Certificate

This service is out sourced. Given the current Professional Indemnity Insurance issues, BCF Architects will not be providing any fire related service. It is suggested that this work is considered prior to submission of a formal planning application.